Location: Northern Palamecias: The Nettlecrowns

Adorned with a "crown" of thick, sharp bramble thorns, this fey-touched forest sits to the eastern edge of the Northen Palamecias in shrouded mystery as adventurers do not dare travel within its woods. It is unknown as to what lies inside of the woods, as little information has been gathered except a small amount of surface data from a basic survey obtained by a team of scholars who not only could not enter the wood, but casualties were incurred ... they have lost interest since. Natives tend to spread rumors that the forest shifts ever so slightly, constantly, as seen by farmers and adventurers walking along its boundaries; no tree is in the same spot that it was the day before it is said. Another rumor speaks of Eladrin sightings, suggesting that an Eladrin settlement may exist inside of the thorned woods; perhaps this forest may still have planar connections to the primal fey-wild?

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