Location: Northern Palamecias: Castle Frederick

Castle Frederick exists as a major hub and capital of the Northern Palamecias and is home to some major centers of the nation’s development. Duke Lyrbin Ferre, who resides within his manor in Castle Frederick, is the defined diplomatic leader of the Northern Palamecias. The city, beyond harboring the regions leader, hosts many opportunities for laboring and researching through venues such as the White Lotus Academy; a main research center studying various magic fields, The Castle Frederick militia; a military faction run by Duke Lyrbin Ferre to uphold law within the city, Blackstone Alley; a major merchant bazaar; and various religious sects which are present within the cities temple wards; henceforth, adventurers and natives are able to find a purpose within the city easily.

Castle Frederick is also one of the oldest settlements existing in the Palamecias, founded and settled by descendants of House Ferre many a time ago. History states that a relative of Duke Lyrbin Ferre, travelled to the Palamecias from a nearby region in search of rumored powerful artifacts kept in the temples of old erected in the area. Settling his expedition in the now area of Castle Frederick, his cause eventualy grew and gave refuge to those willing to aid the cause and offering settlement to various migrants and explorers. Little is actually known on the true progress of House Ferre's true goals, and if they even accumulated any of these so called artifacts, but their staying resolve suggests that the search continues.

Location: Northern Palamecias: Castle Frederick: Local Defense

The architecture of the city is designed to effectively guard against enemy attacks from pirates, or local invaders through a perimeter wall guarding the entire outskirts with various monitored gates for entry and exit. Also trained in city defense is the always recruiting city militia and guard. Castle Frederick is a relatively peaceful city, however, most threat comes from the local orcish community, known for their malicious, raiding ways,and a not so peaceful past has also sparked a conflict of interest from the elvish residents of the nation, sparking threats of war based on a sour past dealing with a superiority battle. City defense, diplomatic missions to other countries and dwellings of orcish, elvish, etc. neighbors, and more are the primary duties of those employed by the duke.

First in command of the city guard is young man named Kris Blinkwell, a man of undisputable wealth whose reputation is as shady as his family’s name, rumored to be deeply tied to the cities unsavory underground black market. Ettercap Resin, a powerful yet highly dangerous mental enhancer substance derived from a fungus native to the local elves, and magical goods exceeding power limitations set by city law are but a few items being shuffled throughout the city and often pardoned by Kris Blinkwell when in question. Only rumors exist as to the locations and figureheads responsible for shipping and receiving these goods, but certain is that little seems to be in effect to apprehend and destroy this society by the cities defense.

Location: Northern Palamecias: Castle Frederick: White Lotus Academy

The White Lotus Academy, operated by various explorers and notable authorities of ritual and traditional magic, is considered an important staple to the development of the nation. Contributing to advancing the countries magical growth and exploration of various ruined, forgotten and hidden areas and structures, the academy conducts field research as well as teaching knowledge to those with potential and interest. A versatile organization, they work with various people and have numerous outside agents who assist in their workings when needed, offering a broad spectrum of possibilities for those interested in such work. According to rumor, treasures of untold power are sometimes unearthed from these exploration teams, but where and who do these relics go to? Some citizens, because of these rumors, harbor mistrust and doubt in the academy believing they keep and use these relics for their own future nefarious deeds, despite the good they provide to the city.

The main proprietor of the academy, Headmaster Marovic, is considered a very knowledgeable man when it comes to history of civilizations and unidentified objects. Cunning and wise, Marovic has successfuly enstated himelf as a man of true purpose among his peers when concerned with those learning under him. Being from a wealthy lineage, most of the guild’s funds are strictly provided by him, with the wealth from discoveries making up the dividend. Working along with Marovic are students and instructors who also work within the academy, teaching and developing most schools of magic and the art of rituals. The academy accepts new students and disciples on an annual basis, but exceptions are sometimes made for individuals of great potential. Residents of the city hold little contact with those affiliated with the research guild, due to being confined to the building’s resources or out on duty, but news of the guilds tribulations tends to spread through the city fast.

Location: Northern Palamecias: Castle Frederick: Blackstone Market

Blackstone Market stands as the city's forefront in trading and commerce, offering almost limitless varieties of goods to those who can and know where to pay for them. Boasting numerous establishments erected by wealthy patrons offering constructed goods, street merchants populate a great deal of the market who sell a great deal of random goods. Despite the rich trade diversity, commerce laws limit few goods that may pass through the markets including Ettercap Resin, black powder, and dangerous magical goods and items.

With every commerce regulated by law, a black market exists as an option for those willing to go to extents to find something in particular, whether it be an Ettercap Resin addiction, or a powerful component for complicated rituals. Nobody willing to talk is aware of who operates and oversees this black market, or the sites of black market trading, and only rumors speak of family names and characters who may or may not be associated as it is easy to label any rich baron as a crook.

Location: Northern Palamecias: Castle Frederick: Temple Wards

The Temple Wards of Castle Frederick offer sanctuary and establishment to those possessing divine duties either residing or travelling to the city. Most major dieties of acceptance are represented in the form of large temples to small shrines here depending on the amount of worship and duty. A few of the most celebrated dieties within the city include the mother of knowledge, Ioun; the mother of civilization and law, Erathis; and the figure of justice and radiance, Pelor. Many other deities are also celebrated within their smaller circles such as Melora, The Raven Queen, Avandra, and Moradin.

Despite creating a society of worship and sanctuary, worship of the more destructive deities is also apparent yet kept secretive into underground cults and sects. Apprehension of these destructive elements is mostly left to the agents working for the divine societies instead of the city guard, unless they interfere directly with the peace of the residents.

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