DnD Campaign: Version 4.0: Common Knowledge

Location: The Palamecias

The Palamecias exists as a region comprised of two landmasses, North Palamecia and South Palamecia. Forming into one large landmass that is connected by a natural separating oceanic boundary, both masses are considered equal contributors the general wellbeing of the region despite being ruled separately. Rich in natural history is the region as it is told that once, many eons ago, the landforms were connected as one and ruled by House Palamecia - an old heritage said to be descendants of Ioun’s divine blood. Many questioned this heritage, as most of those humans with heavenly ancestry have died off leaving no relatives; but House Palamecia was rumored to have in its possession a relic of divine power handed down from generations – an item said to be passed down from the goddess Ioun, believed to usher the knowledge to rule to those in possession. However, despite an unquestionable mandate to command the progression of the region, a catastrophe befell the region, and a flash earthquake split the region where House Palamecia resided. Needless to say, House Palamecia was lost, as was all of those who bore the title, leaving only their legacy and a vague sense as to who actually belonged to House Palamecia and as to if the artifact existed or not.

With the land in mourning, it was only so long before new leaders stepped into power and the decision to rule each new continent separately but loosely as one was placed. House Ferre and House Rivendale were those who stepped into power, as they consisted of the most powerful families living in the region at the time, residing in Northern Palamecia was House Ferre of Castle Frederick, and House Rivendale of Stromswall in Southern Palamecia.

Presently, the continent enjoys a mostly peaceful demeanor as both houses respectfully acknowledge the rule of each other, leaving internal politics at a low boil. Most threat originates from the more primal residents of the region and those from outside lands threatening the general security. Also blessed as a region of high development in the area of research due to the presence of the old Iounic lineage, magical and planar influences are present within the regions more mysterious and enigmatic structures, which has inspired a greater regional growth rate of commerce and study when compared to other smaller nearby regions such as the region of Parn, and the island nation of the Silver Strand.

Location: Northern Palamecias: Castle Frederick

Location: Northern Palamecias: The Nettlecrowns

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