Caelin, a young yet well trained monk is stoic at first appearance and can sometimes come off cold...but in fact he is just silent until he gets to know people better, and once you gain his respect and trust, he will be a worthwhile companian and even friend. His parents were avid Ioun followers and were always seeking knowledge to better themselves with. Caelin's brother, Ryedris, took after his mother and used aquired knowledge to work on magical skills and together were a decent pair at weaving the magical arts. Caelin took after his father and used the knowledge to hone his understanding of the world and to work on the physical arts. He learned most of his fighting from his father. When Caelin was 24 (he is 29 now) and out on an errand for his parents, he returned to an empty and burned down hut of a home with no signs of his family but there were strange symbols on certain spots of his floor. Caeling has gone on a search not only in hopes to find his family...if there is anyone alive, but to also figure out why they went missing and who was responcible for it. He now wanders to different cities and towns...always thirsting for experience, knowledge and clues on to what happened several years ago.

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